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Our range of organic hair care products that are Shampoo, Conditioner, Serums, Waxes, Styling products and more bring together to care for your hair & transform not only your look but also your lifestyle.

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What our customer says The Good Things You Said

testimonial 1
Aahana Gupta Lucknow

Very good for curly hair, which is more brittle than straight. Very good for Chemically treated hair, same problem. I use their matching conditioner and it leaves a shiny but not greasy coating.

Testimonial 2
Shulika Chakravorty Delhi

Freecia Professional Revitalizing Blueberry hair shampoo, conditioner and Freecia Sweet Almond Oil hair mask are amazing. I regularly oil my hair before shampoo but still was experiencing hair fall with unhealthy hair quality.

Testimonial 3
Surbhi Gautam Guwahati

Naturally having thin & dry hair as an adult has comprised of countless issues such as a constant need to shampoo, breakage & hair fall. However, after using Freecia Professional Golden Olive shampoo and conditioner for weak & thinning hair.

Testimonial 4
Karan Kapoor Gurugram

I had the opportunity to use Freecia Professional Blueberry anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner and I must say the products are indeed revolutionary. I can vouch for the fact that using the product made my scalp Super clean and my hair turned soft and silky as well. Eagerly waiting to try more products from the range.

Testimonial 5
Niharika Punjab

PROADS Keratin Treatment…Very amazing product. I was quite worried about the result. But after waiting 72 hours after application. The result was amazing. It made by hair super glossy, shiny and manageable. It does not make hair pin straight but very soft, natural looking.

Testimonial 7
Vasundhara Faridabad

The PROADS creamy Spa is really nice. Used it for the first time and it gave a smoothening effect to my hair. This treatment gave me good results. My rough unmanageable hair became soft. Doesn’t make hair poker straight, it isn’t supposed to but we can leave it open and go about. Value for money. Going strong for a month now.

Testimonial 8
Ridhi Arora Delhi

Hello guys! So, this product I got to go keratin treatment on my chemically processed hair. One bottle will cover bust length hair. cream is nice. Gives you good results.

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    Let’s maintain a healthy hair & tame the frizz together!

    Let’s maintain a healthy hair & tame the frizz together!

    As far as our daily hair care routine is taken care of with the use

    This Valentine’s, Love Thyself

    This Valentine’s, Love Thyself

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    Freecia Professional an ultimate destination for organic hair care products which is nature inspired, having wide range of hair care products Freecia is leading brand from past 15 years in more than 40 countries.

    Here, you’ll experience the best online shopping for men and women hair products in India. Our online store brings you the latest hair care products of hair styling, home care, hair treatments, hair color and much more.

    You can buy from Freecia with your comfort at home and get your favourite products delivered to your doorstep.

    There is no doubt freecia can be the best partner for your hair, but the question arises how?

    Upto 80% of organic hair care products that rejuvenates and provide healthy life to your hair. Check out our products with latest technologies.

    Our hair quiz recommended by hair specialist, finds the better hair product for your hair type.

    Whether your hair are chemically damaged, getting frizz and thin, or if you have colored hair, Freecia gives you customized products according to your needs respectively.