PROADS Keratin Purifying Shampoo No-1

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Pre-treatment Professional Use Only,Proads Keratin Purifying Shampoo deeply clarifies, removeresidue and build-up,Prepare the hair for treatment exclusively developed for hair before Keratin treatment.

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Pre-treatment Professional Use Only,Proads Keratin Purifying Shampoo deeply clarifies, removeresidue and build-up,Prepare the hair for treatment exclusively developed for hair before Keratin treatment. It is not only clarifying hair deeply and remove residual build-up, but also open hair cuticle to prepare the best hair environment for Keratin Treatment, it’s a must for a perfect Keratin Treatment.

How To Use:

  • Work a small amount in your hands and then apply to your damp scalp, massaging the product until you have a good lather.
  • Massage into wet hair twice on chemically-treated hair and three times on virgin hair.
  • Leave in your hair for up to 30 seconds.
  • Rinse the shampoo out completely before applying treatment.


  • Paraben free.
  • Petroleum free.

Hair Types:

  • Suitable for all hair textures and volume.


  • Cleanse and purify deep to your hair that appears glossy and fluffy.
  • Purify your hair shafts up to the roots.
  • Removes hair build up impurities and adds shine.
  • Revitalizes and illuminates dry and dull hair.


  • Contains highly concentrated protein compounds.

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14 reviews for PROADS Keratin Purifying Shampoo No-1

  1. lillu

    I love this shampoo. My jam was soft clean and shinny. Easier to comb through my thick hair after one wash.

  2. Vijeta Ayyar

    Cleanses so well, leaves hair fresh and shiny and soft. All natural, it does prevent from greying. Hair and scalp remain healthy. Conditioning is advisable for best results. I use it everyday and can never replace it.

  3. Moreover looks

    It is a great purifying Shampoo, The application is even and amply foaming. It feels cool on the head. Unlike regular shampoos, this feels so light and fresh. And it is not harmful to skin.

  4. Isha Rani

    It smells good, makes the hair smooth…overall very good product from Proads….without doubt go for it…suitable for all types of hair….incase if you find your hair dry, go for their same conditioner …..very much satisfied.

  5. Anussha Sharma

    This shampoo OMG !!! Is so good… I was using Kerastase Resistance shampoo, but that seemed too expensive to me. But this Proads shampoo definitely imparts smoothness to your hair !!! Ladies do give this a try !!! You’ll not regret.

  6. Ashlesha Waghmare

    The best shampoo ever. I have had dry and rough hair for ages and considering my constant exposure to harsh external environments, nothing seemed to work for me. My hairdresser recommended this one, and ever since my hair feels so much better. All the environmental damage gone. I strongly recommend this to everyone. Great product

  7. Veve Thira

    I loved using Proads products. This shampoo is great & I highly recommend this rather than other shampoo. Thanks to Amazon:)

  8. Mansi Shukla

    My hair feels softer than ever. I follow this shampoo with same conditioner and i am totally satisfied with the texture and smoothness of my hair. And the fragrance is really nice.

  9. namita pipalia

    Excellent product for frizzy hair.

  10. Anjali Yadav

    PROADS Keratin Purifiy shampoo is really very good and very effective on my hairs only after one wash. The shampoo adds a perfect nourishment to your hair leaving it soft and manageable. The fragrance is awesome, So in love with the smell. If you too have frizzy and damaged hair this product is for you. Definitely had a great feeling.

  11. Anwesha Paul

    It’s been so long that I was suffering from dryness on my hair, and then I came across this lovely shampoo . It makes the hair so soft and nourishes the root of my hair, now the hair fall has also reduced quite a bit, though I have used it since a week I have seen difference and yes, it has a very mild soft fragrance. The best part is it can be used for colored hair as well.

  12. Akruti Sharma

    My scalp is very oily and i always look for such shampoo that removes oily from scalp without over drying. I just loved this one

  13. Amitoj Bal

    My hair is curly and dry but Proads hair shampoo/ conditioner really helps me define those curls and leave my hair perfectly moisturised. I am a fan!
    I was confused which seller to purchase it from in lockdown as usually I buy them from my salon. I bought it from Freecia Professional India seller and I am so relieved to see the genuine products.

  14. Ramya Rajput

    Best Shampoo before after keratin therapy

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