Freecia Color Plex (Pack of 3 Bottles 500ml each)

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Ultimate Hair treatment made for renovation and revival for hair texture and overall health of hair.

Hair Plex Treatment


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Product Description

Bond creator 01:
Mix with hair colour, bleach, ultra lift colours, highlights, straightenings, perms, balayage and ombres.

Bond fortifier 02:
Apply after rinsing, hair colour, bleach, ultra lift colours, highlights, straightenings, perms, balayage and ombres.

Colorplex Bond Sustainer 03:
Ideal for use at least once a week to strengthen and revitalize damaged hair. Also ideal for use as Pre-Treatment before any chemical procedure.


Hair Type:

  • For dull lifeless hair.
  • Chemically Damaged hair.
  • Severely malnourished hair.
  • Only your hair dresser can prescribe you this patented highly effective triple action Colorplex Treatment.


  • Ultimate Hair treatment made for renovation and revival for hair texture and overall health of hair



  • Consists of 3 bottles
    1. Bond Creator
    2. Bond Fortifier
    3. Bond Sustainer
Reviews (21)

21 reviews for Freecia Color Plex (Pack of 3 Bottles 500ml each)

  1. Sonam gehlot

    Omg what can I say BUT this is lush I use Freecia Color Plex and as much as I like it this is far better I never ever blow dry my hair as its curly and usually just goes frizzy as hell but I went and blow dried my hair last night and let me tell you my hair was so straight I didn’t even use a hot heat and No straighteners which I don’t usually use anyway girls if you want your hair to shine and feel great this is what you need I will be doing a heat treatment next week as I only wash my hair once a week so will keep you posted how that turns out . Grab this girls and boys you will not use another shampoo or conditioner ever again xxx

  2. Saumya Ghildiyal

    I had like 100+ hair falling every day.

    This product is worth price. NO negative review on internet.

    if you cant afford it then collect some money but this is THE ULTIMATE working solution that works GUARANTEED 😉

  3. Shabnam

    Good quality products. Will buy again.

  4. snehlta

    Would definitely recommend this just as good as the expensive product. I bleached my hair twice using this and my hair looked thicker and not worn just don’t over do the bleach. Makes your hair so soft during and after wash

  5. Great for Damage Hair

    I have really damaged hair due to stupidly over processing on the bleach but this has helped my hair amazingly. I use it every few days it’s helped as I have less breakage now I can defiantly see an improvement to my hair.

  6. suman Chand

    My hair is bleached and was in bad condition. Used Olaplex but tried this ( FREECIA COLOR PLEX ) as was cheaper. Excellent results. Very soft, manageable hair. No frizz and less breakage or split ends.

  7. Devanshi khurana

    Amazing items, love how soft it keeps my hair, and protects my hair from bleaching and coloring, worth every penny.

  8. Entfernt Gelbstich

    Keeps what it promises. My annoying yellowness is completely gone. Sour once a week and additionally use. Nothing to say excellent tint!! to advice

  9. Mr. Hammad ali

    This product is definitely worth to write a review . In first use Made a huge difference to my dry, cores n rough hair . It’s expensive but it does wonders for hair!

  10. Raman

    I was suffering from a horrible dye/ bleach job that left my hair lifeless and VERY porous. To the point it wouldn’t even hold dye so I was stuck w crunchy even blonde hair. I got colorplex from articles I read about fixing over processed hair. And I have to tell you it works wonders!! It works so beautifully and it’s revived my hair again to a point where it definitely looks and feels healthy and has a natural shine to it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with coloured or processed hair.

  11. Suman

    Best product for them who is suffering from damaged hair and want to give a new growth to their hairs . My hair is totally damaged but after using this my hair look softer and i saw a regrowth in my hairs.

  12. chahat

    Been using this for a month now. It’s good.

  13. rachel

    I had used color plex at home before, was unsure about this as it’s quite a bit cheaper but it left my hair feeling super soft, really wouldn’t be able to tell I just bleached my roots to platinum! Usually I lose a few hairs when I wash it, but nothing! .

  14. Anandi

    Left this in my hair for 20 minutes and the results were awesome. I have curly hair and did highlights it was very dry and hay like in texture. This did an amazing job in smoothing the hair.

  15. Saul & Vivian

    I do not know if it is the real Colorplex or not.
    But I love this stuff. I started bleaching sessions since October 2018. I probably bleached 9x since. I reached to a point of extreme damage where my hair felt soo weak it would not even air dry on its own. It felt & looked like noodles & very gummy. It would take me maybe an hr to brush out my hair because of all the damage/breakage.

  16. Arushi

    Definitely improved my hair in just two applications. Saved a lot on salon will last for like 6-8 applications on medium length hairs

  17. Suman Gupta

    Great product.., works very well.

  18. Sana Khan

    My hair was totally damage but after using this product my hair recovered very well and my hair looks sliky and shiny I just love the result of this product I totally recommend this product who is suffering from damaged hair which is chemically treat .

  19. Gurmeet Singh

    My hair was chemically treated and its was totally damaged. Than i purchase this product and it gives a great result .

  20. Belinda Sonn

    This Product is like miracle for my hairs. Very good restores

  21. Shree valli

    This Product is like miracle for my hairs. Very good restores

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