Let’s maintain a healthy hair & tame the frizz together!

As far as our daily hair care routine is taken care of with the use of shampoo, conditioner, and a hair-mask once a week, there are something else too that we need to consider. What could it be?

Your food is the first step in hair care, and the two most important components in your diet are iron and protein. Hair cells are the quickest developing cells in the body, but they are also the first to suffer when you don’t eat well or suffer from deficiencies. Besides the crucial dietary care, it turns out, you may be overlooking a critical product with significant multipurpose advantages – hair oil!

A conditioner can do wonders for your hair, but oil adds minerals, vitamins, and important fatty acids that not only strengthen your roots but also improve the entire health of your hair.

Oil is the answer!

Hair professionals and moms both recommend coconut oil! It can protect your hair from UV damage and dandruff, as well as eliminate sebum build-up from hair follicles, resulting in faster hair development. It is important to follow the old time’s recipe for a healthy hair with the use of coconut, which is why we love Freecia’s Coconut Hair Oil. It comes with the essential vitamins which not only nourishes your damaged hair, but also restores your hair’s natural health and shine. If you’re suffering from hair-fall, this oil could also be your rescue!

Just like plant roots seek the nearest supply of water in the soil, your hair seeks the closest source of moisture in the air. The result is a frizzy head that may spoil even the greatest beauty appearance. We know it! It’s a pain to walk around with those frizzes and fly-aways in our hair. However, although you can’t zap the moisture out of the air on a humid summer day, you can add enough moisture to your hair to keep it from looking for moisture elsewhere. We love using Freecia’s Macadamia Hair Oil which is a blessing for unruly hair, providing impeccable manageability after a bath.

It is rich in nourishment for hair and imparts a greasy-free gloss to hair. With the ability to control and smoothen frizzy hair, this oil is our go-to product! What’s even better is both these oils being sulphate-free and are organic.


Every hair has its own type, goals, and need. It is crucial that we understand what our hair is demanding and then we provide the essential care accordingly. Thoughtful steps are all you need to maintain your crowning glory! 

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