Do you use Hair Spray?


Switching from chemical to natural hair care products is one of the most difficult things to do. It’s worth persisting, though, because the benefits to your hair and the environment are substantial. Polymers (often manufactured from plastics) and often aerosol systems are used in traditional hairsprays to deliver them to the hair.

Hairsprays are available in a wide variety of types today. A hair hold spray for frizzy hair or anti-humidity could be created. Hairsprays with a light hold and those with a heavy grip are produced



How to Use Hairspray Correctly?

There are a few application tips you can try to get the greatest results. These tips will show you how to apply your salon-quality styling spray like an expert.

  • Shake well from nozzle: Check to see if the spray nozzle is clogged with product. This may prevent the spray from dispersing as a fine, even mist. After a few uses, wipe the nozzle to ensure there is no accumulation.
  • Distance: Spray in a continuous motion while holding the bottle eight to ten inches away from your hair. This ensures that the product is equally distributed.
  • Flip Your Hair: Turn your head upside down and spray away to enhance volume. For a similar look, lift parts of the hair and spray around the roots.
  • Sensitive Scalp: If you have a sensitive scalp, use Proads Hair Spray instead of other hairsprays since the alcohol in other hairsprays might irritate delicate skin if used too much.
  • Taming Flyaways: Spray some hairspray onto your fingertips to smooth out flyaways for a sleek ponytail, then carefully smooth the hair back with the product.

Uses and benefits of Hairspray

Depending on the style you want to achieve, hairspray comes in a variety of hold levels. Our products at PROADS Professional have a ranging from a no-hold weightless shine to an ultra-firm hold that locks in style. We’re sure to have the ideal level of hold for your styling needs with so many options. Our hairspray is designed to be flexible, giving you the volume and grip you need to keep your style in place without leaving your hair crunchy.

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